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Carrying a baby and giving birth takes a lot out on your body. Not only is your range of movement highly limited for the final trimester of pregnancy, but your body naturally gains weight as your appetite increases to help your baby grow. Other symptoms like swollen ankles, worsened allergies, shortness of breath, and flat-out exhaustion are also common. It is no wonder why during the 9 months of pregnancy that many women’s fitness routines become less regular. However, there is hope to regain and maintain fitness after your baby is born. Read on to see our post-baby exercise tips for the new mom.

Be Patient and Start Slow

The first rule is to be patient about returning to normalcy. In the first weeks after giving birth or having a c-section, your main priority is to take care of your baby and take care of yourself. A newborn in the first month is very demanding and feeds often during the day and night. Being sleep deprived can lead to stress, anxiety and can exacerbate postpartum depression. Therefore, be kind to yourself and rest when you can and know that your fitness will get on track when your body is ready and circumstances are less hectic. The experts on also recommend that while you are still bleeding to refrain from doing anything intense. Instead, in these early weeks, take walks with your newborn. Getting out of the house will ease the feelings of cabin fever at home, relieve stress, and give your body a gentle exercise that it can handle.

Proceed With Low-Impact Exercise

When your doctor officially approves you as recovered on your first postpartum check up, now is the time to take some action. Kegels are some of the first exercises you can ease into that will help strengthen your pelvic floor. Try out a few local mommy and me fitness classes to meet new moms and take part in gentle exercise. If you don’t have a gym membership, the internet offers many free videos of post natal workouts that you can do from home. Be careful with your abdomen area as it is common to have diastasis recti, or separated abs. Be careful not to strain these muscles by sticking to programs specially designed for post natal women. Listen to your body as you continue to recover and grow stronger over time. You will eventually be back to your full routine in when you are ready.

At 360 Fitness we believe that everyone can reach their full potential by taking care of themselves. In every stage of life, it is possible to be at one’s fittest and healthiest possible. Contact us to learn more about how to get in the best shape of your life.


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