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Our goal is to make Nutrition as simple and easy to follow as possible, and give you strategies that will work no matter what nutrition philosophy you follow.

The basics of Metabolism 101 basically boil down to this:

  1. If you want to lose fat/weight, you have to eat a little less fuel than you burn.
  2. But don’t eat too little, because over time this can actually slow your metabolism down – and you definitely don’t want that!
  3. No matter your weight/fat-loss goal, choose foods that help support your metabolism and your health. 

The goal is to eat a clean, whole-foods diet that’s low in sugar and processed foods and that contains a variety of micronutrients.

What’s good for your overall health is also good for your metabolism. Just something to keep in mind. 🙂

That being said, there is ONE MACRONUTRIENT that has an edge when it comes to revving your metabolism …. it’s PROTEIN.

It can help you burn more calories … keep you feeling full between meals … and help your body keep your valuable muscle as you lose weight.

It’s definitely worth making sure you get enough of it.

Here’s a quick list of high-protein foods:

  • YOGURT – Greek yogurt especially. Look for plain yogurt without added sugar.
  • EGGS – organic and pastured when possible.
  • LEAN ANIMAL PROTEINS – fish, poultry, bison, etc. Choose wild-caught or grass-fed.
  • LEGUMES – beans and peas.
  • OTHER PLANT-BASED SOURCES – tofu, tempeh, seitan, etc.

Exactly how much protein you should eat – and what kind – will depend on your weight, your lifestyle and your goals. 

As a guideline, your daily recommended amount of protein is between 10% and 35% of your total daily calories.

PROTEIN TIP 1: Studies show you get the most bang from your protein buck if you spread out your intake over the day. You can do that by adding protein-rich foods to each meal.

PROTEIN TIP 2: If getting enough protein is a struggle for you, consider adding a protein supplement! Many even have some added benefits, like probiotics and additional vitamins and minerals.

Try to make sure you get a good “dose” of protein in your first meal of the day because it keeps you feeling full until lunchtime and beyond! When you don’t get enough, it makes you want to snack during the rest of the day.

Your mileage may vary! 

Be Well.

-360 Fitness Team


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