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“I can’t eat that. I’m on a diet!”

“It’s your BIRTHDAY! I’m sure you can have a slice of cake as a reward for all your hard work!”

“That’s EXACTLY why I CAN’T have that slice of cake!”

“Suit yourself… but you have been losing weight for five years, straight. You look better and better with each passing month!”

“Thank you, but I need to lose more! I need to…”

Do you have friends, family members, or co-workers with “motivation” that seems to limit their enjoyment of social activities and daily life?

Does the phrase “This cupcake is going to require an extra hour of cardio this week!” sound familiar to you?

The most motivated and diligent of persons may lose sight of the “big picture” at times. We must remember that fitness is only a part of your fast-paced, busy, active life… Fitness should never overtake the important aspects of your life (and leisure): family, friends, work, and having an active social life!

We strive for balance and symmetry not only in our bodies, but in our lives, as well. You balance your cardio with your weight training. You balance your clean and healthy foods with your slightly less nutritious, comfort foods. You balance your hard work in the weight room and cardio deck with enjoying a night on the town over the weekend or a relaxing 10-day vacation to some exotic location.

Don’t lose sight of the big picture. Don’t let “calories in vs. calories out” rule your life. Don’t let the weight on the bench press deter you from having a nice dinner with your spouse, regardless of the nutritional value.

We strive for balance.

Do you?

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