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Most people think of dieting and eating healthier foods when they think of the words “meal plans“. One of the most important and often overlooked aspect of meal plans is the concept of scheduling your meals and snacks for the greatest health benefits. For many people, the pitfall in their dietary or eating habits is not necessarily that they eat bad foods or the wrong types of food, but that they consume too many calories at once, or at the wrong time of day.

Ideally, the best way to keep your energy up and your metabolism at peak efficiency is to eat 6 smaller meals or snacks instead of the traditional “three meals a day”. There are several benefits to eating on a six meal schedule. Your blood sugar will remain at a more stable level throughout the day. This is most important for people over 40 years of age, when the highest potential of developing Type 2 Diabetes occurs. On a six meal schedule your metabolism works at an optimal peak, which could potentially lead to weight loss without any other lifestyle changes such as exercise. Ideally, healthy diet and exercise go hand in hand when a person is trying to lose weight, but even a small increase in metabolism can shift things in favor of your weight loss goals.

In addition to increased metabolism, meal plans featuring a six meal schedule will help to keep your energy up throughout the day. Fewer peaks and valleys in your blood sugar level will help ease or eliminate those morning, afternoon, and evening crashes one feels in between meals. Many people who eat on an erratic schedule consume too many calories late at night, and wake up without hunger and skip breakfast. Healthy meal plans that break up your caloric intake throughout the day prevent overeating late at night and waking up feeling sluggish and still full. Skipping breakfast allows that sluggish and bloated feeling to persist and keeps your energy low, which actually makes the body struggle to conserve its fat reserves. Waking up hungry allows a person to take in one of their biggest meals early in the day. This offers the body the longest amount of time to metabolize and use those calories, and provides energy for the body to function early in the day.

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