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Six Questions To Ask BEFORE You Join A Gym!

You don’t settle for anything else in life, so why settle with just any gym? Ask the right questions before you join.

Gym memberships are an investment. Before you spend your hard-earned money, make sure you’re making the right choice for your lifestyle. Here are the important questions you need to ask before you sign a contract:

1. Is the facility clean? If the gym management and staff are not concerned with keeping the facility clean, what else won’t they care about? Look around when you visit. Are the machines dusty? Are the bathrooms tidy? Have the floors been recently swept or vacuumed? Does it smell fresh, or like the bottom of your gym bag when it hasn’t been washed in a while? By evaluating the gym’s cleanliness, you will learn a lot about its general quality.

2. What types of classes does the gym offer? Do you love spinning? Do you like to take a yoga class every weekend? Are cardio classes a priority? Ask what classes the gym offers, and look at the class schedule. Make sure the kinds of classes you want are offered at times you can likely attend them. 360° Fitness has a variety of classes like 360 Cycle and Stretch + Recover to give you lots of options for achieving your health and fitness goals.

3. What does the basic membership include? You don’t want to sign up for a gym membership only to learn that the benefits advertised are only available to premium members. Make sure the pricing is transparent and that there are no hidden fees.

4. Are personal trainers available, and what are their qualifications? Working with a personal trainer offers several benefits, especially if you are starting a new fitness routine. However, you should make sure that the trainers at the gym are qualified. Ask what training they have and if they hold any certifications. You might also want to ask if the trainers pay a fee to work at the gym. Some gyms offer a kind of rental service, allowing almost anyone to work as a personal trainer, much like salons often rent chairs to stylists. If trainers do pay a fee, ask about the screening process for allowing them to work in the facility.

5. What are the employees like? Do the workers at the front desk or those helping people with equipment seem like sales people who work in a gym, or like fitness experts who offer gym memberships? Ask some basic health and fitness questions that you already know the answers to, like what kind of foods to eat before a vigorous workout. If the employee answers well, you know she is knowledgeable about health, and not simply a salesperson. If she only tells you about a special protein bar or shake sold by the gym, profits (and not your health) may be the gym’s main concern.

6. What about refunds? Everyone experiences buyers remorse once in a while, so make sure you know what the terms are if you don’t like the gym after you start. Also, consider getting a short-term membership first so you can determine if it’s a good fit for you. 360° Fitness offers a 30-day membership with a money-back guarantee, so you have time to decide if we’re right for your fitness needs.

Doing a little research and asking the right questions will ensure that you find the gym that meets your needs and expectations, which will make it easier to achieve your health and wellness goals!

If you think 360° Fitness might be right for you, contact us. We’re interested in your health.


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