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Spending forty-five minutes on the treadmill and then doing a few reps on the weight machines can get boring, and makes it easy to get into a workout rut. If you are looking for something new to energize your workout routine, consider a studio cycle workout, which offers several benefits!

You can easily work at your own pace.

Since you are on a stationary bike, there is no danger of being left behind. And no one will know what level you set the resistance to. If you’re struggling, you can slow down or decrease your resistance. Spin classes will always be individualized. As you get stronger, you will be able to pedal faster and at a higher resistance level. In cycling, you’ll never hit a plateau!


You’ll strengthen your heart.

All that spinning will drive up your heart rate! According to the Center for Disease Control, “Heart disease and stroke are two of the leading causes of death in the United States. But … getting at least 150 minutes a week … of moderate-intensity aerobic activity can put you at a lower risk for these diseases.” In addition to increasing your heart rate, pedaling faster also burns fat. Over time, your lungs and heart will get stronger, making it easier to climb stairs or walk briskly without needing to catch your breath afterwards.


You’ll spare your joints.

Running and other aerobic classes are fairly high impact. While those activities offer wonderful benefits, lower-impact activities offer many of the same benefits without stressing your joints. This type of activity is especially good for those who have suffered joint injuries or have arthritis. Cycling will build muscle without straining joints, so as you get stronger, you will likely be able to progress to exercises that are higher impact.


You’ll tone more than your legs.

Yes, cycling will certainly improve the muscle tone in your legs — something we all want during swimsuit and shorts season — but cycling will strengthen your core muscles, too. When you maintain the correct position on the bike, you’ll engage your abdominal muscles with each pedal. The Cycle360/Core class at 360° Fitness at our gym in Tyler, TX, includes a special segment designed specifically to work your core, which will improve your balance and raise your resting metabolic rate.


You won’t be bothered by the weather.

Texas summers are HOT! The spring weather may be nice now, but just about the time you get used to an outdoor running or biking routine, the heat and humidity will kick into high gear. You’ll find yourself binge watching Friends on Netflix just to avoid working out outside. When you go to a cycling class, you’ll look forward to burning calories instead of getting a sunburn.


If you want to try a cycling class or find out more information on any other HEAT class, please contact us.


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