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If you love swimming, cycling or long-distance running, you may not have put a lot of thought into your weightlifting routine. Sure you want to build your strength, but perhaps you were afraid of building bulky muscles that could slow you down when you needed to be light and fast.

In the past you may have thought of cardiovascular exercise as endurance training, and weightlifting simply as a way to build muscular strength; however, new studies are showing that weightlifting has a huge impact on your endurance. It may be just as important to your race performance as the number of miles (or meters) you’re putting in.

Forbes magazine describes a study of cyclists who engaged in resistance training along with plyometrics and according to the article, “The Health Benefits of Weightlifting and the New Science that Supports Strength Building” by Julie Wilcox,

“Their muscles contain twice as many various signaling molecules that jump-start adaptive changes and make muscles better able to use oxygen–to have in other words, great endurance.” Reynolds continues, “Resistance exercise, authors wrote, ‘amplifies the adaptive signaling response in the muscles. It redoubles the benefits of the cycling or running. It also, as other studies shows, tunes up an out-of-shape nervous system.”

So, if you have been focused on your long runs, rides, and swims but neglecting your time in the gym lifting weights it may be time to double down on your resistance training. A professional trainer can teach you how to build the kind of strength that will give you the competitive edge in your next race or event.

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