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The solution is a never-ending regular grapple!

There are so many choices every moment- and by the time supper comes around – it’s like an infinite circle trying to think out what to eat.

Being held in this cycle is the worst because it’s way too easy to click your phone’s food delivery service button. 

Sometimes you’re not even sure what you are hungry for to break out of it because it makes your life a wee easier. 

But when you back at it

  • You eat a lot more calories than you wanted to,
  • There’s more likely a lot more salt (and other undesired ingredients) in what you eat,
  • And it’s not as macro-friendly as if you were to make it on your own. 

Here are three movements you can do to break out of the loop:

1. Get over the guilt game with yourself and examine why your “meal prep” wasn’t working and why you might be ordering so much takeout.

There are always good intentions of spending time prepping on the weekends – but the fact was, it wasn’t always happening. 

Which this can lead to:

2. Spend time “batch cooking” a few weeknights. But don’t force yourself into creating whole weekly meals.

Instead, you can spent about an hour on Sundays and Wednesdays pre-cooking ingredients like rice, potatoes, proteins (chicken/turkey burgers/etc.), and veggies.

Batch cooking can create mix-and-match portions for the next couple of days (for lunch or dinner)!

With the right podcast or tv show playing in the background, you can start to look forward to doing this.

3. Here’s where the magic happened! There is a link between how you felt (and my results) when you ate home-cooked meals vs. delivery a few times a week.

You have more energy; your stomach felt SO MUCH BETTER, you can sleep better, and you even had fewer aches and pains. 

After that, it was so much easier to keep up with batch cooking – and stay away from the takeout food.

Doing this kept me on track with my goals, but can save some $$$$ in the process. Love that!

Upgrading your habits isn’t always easy – but it’s not as hard as you think. 

Your results are waiting for you.

If you need help, let’s do this together! Time will go by one way or another, and you DESERVE to live your best life. 

A few simple tweaks can make all of the difference in the world to help you BENEFIT #1, #2, and #3. 


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