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Let’s talk about that big scary goal that’s lurking in the back of your mind, something huge, like:

  • Running a marathon
  • Dropping clothes sizes
  • Becoming more “minimalist”
  • Saving money to buy/pay off a house or retire

These are BIG GOALS that require an essential engagement!

They can take time, power, and a lot of persistence.

Which can make them seem like a lot, which suggests it will likely be more challenging to keep your energy and motive!

Here’s a trick when it comes to achieving those vast goals.

Break your big goal into SMALLER MINI-GOALS that you can achieve in a short time.

You’ve probably learned this before, but it’s surprising how many people don’t put this into work.

When you plan smaller goals, you tap into the power of momentum to drive yourself ahead.

Let’s say you’ve always wanted to compete in a body competition, but you’re not much of an exerciser (yet). So the idea of going from the couch to weight lifting heavyweight seems a little wild, right?

What if you started with a mini-goal of going to the gym for just 2 to 4 days in a row?

That gives you the confidence to build up until you can build the routine and then your next goal, the next, and then the ultimate goal.

Make sense!?

The key: understand and glorify each new mini-goal! This helps you build deep confidence and excitement, making it a LOT more likely for you to smash your ultimate goals!

It’s incredibly empowering.


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