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Has your motivation for the weight room, cardio deck, and Group X classes here at 360 Fitness waned?

Do you find youself dreading your own workouts or your scheduled workouts with your Personal Trainer?

Here is a friendly reminder to TAKE A BREAK!

You are NOT going to regress THAT MUCH if you take 3-4 days off from dieting, working out, and generally stressing about your weight loss goals!

If you get right back on the program, you may even find that you have gained a bit of muscle from being in a caloric excess for a short amount of time!

Taking a break may be the best thing you have ever done!

So, don’t wait till your 5-6 days of working out every week makes you sick, and you give up on working out completely before taking a break!

Do us a favor!

Remember, that rest and recovery is just as important as breaking down and re-building!

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