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360 Fitness

The Terra-Core Balance Trainers are HERE! At the gym, online, at home or wherever… we’re bringing new methods + new equipment to help you crush your workout goals.⁠


We know that exercises performed on a hard surface are two-dimensional by nature. The Terra-Core engages core stabilizer muscles, adding a third dimension to every movement.⁠

There is far more to fitness than shredded abs and big guns. We work out to stay young and feel great. That starts by connecting the mind and the body together. That is the foundation of functional fitness and it is what the Terra-Core is all about!⁠

Every movement engages the body’s natural stabilizers which gets your brain firing on multiple planes. Recent studies demonstrate 4 times as many muscles being engaged on the Terra-Core’s dynamic surface than the same exercise does on a hard, flat two-dimensional surface. ⁠

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Our mission is to inspire, empower
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