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Cross training is a training routine that incorporates several different types of exercises. For many people who exercise, cross training helps maintain a high level of overall fitness because it gives the opportunity to vary the amount of stress put on specific muscles or even the cardiovascular system. Cross training avoids the dreaded plateau. At that point, your overall fitness is limited and the conditioning you get from exercising is reduced. You are simply maintaining a certain level of fitness, rather than improving.

Cross training avoids this plateau by varying the muscles used and switching up your exercise routine. In fact, there are many benefits to cross training. There’s a reason why so many swear by it. Here are some of the top reasons why cross training is a great fitness investment:

  1. Cross training helps reduce your risk of injury from overusing specific muscle groups.
  2. It enables you to introduce different types of exercises into your training regimen. Examples of these exercises include strength training, cardiovascular exercises, flexibility exercises, such as yoga,  and circuit training.
  3. The variety of exercises that make up your cross-training routine helps to eliminate boredom. Cross training focuses on alternating different kinds of training. By adding frequently changing exercises, these alternate workouts help to keep you motivated to continue working out.
  4. Cross training conditions your entire body, not just specific muscle groups, so you benefit from a more complete level of conditioning.
  5. Alternating between several different forms of exercise allows you some flexibility in your scheduled routine. For example: you planned to play racquetball with a friend as part of your cardiovascular exercises, but he or she had to cancel for that day. You can always change plans, go to the pool for a swim instead, and still reap the benefits of a cardio workout.

At 360° Fitness, we want to help you be healthier, stronger, smarter, and ultimately fulfilled to enjoy life to the fullest. Contact us to learn more about cross training, or to schedule an appointment with a personal trainer at our gym in Tyler, TX, who will work with you to design a cross-training routine to help achieve your fitness goals.


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