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Skinny or Toned?

The difference between dieting and cardio and WEIGHTLIFTING, dieting, and cardio is the difference between skinny mush and a lean, toned body. Weightlifting with a certain intensity will add definition to your body and increase your metabolism. To simply lose weight, one must eat less and move more. So, after you’ve plateaued, do you move even more OR eat even less? There’s only so much time in your day and only so little you can eat. That’s a tough decision.

What if you could eat MORE, do MORE, and look BETTER? Here’s where weightlifting comes in…

Adding Weights Into Your Work-out

When most of us think of losing weight, our immediate plan to do so is to focus on a new diet plan. But something more to consider is weight training. Lots of individuals (mainly women) put weight training on the back burner when trying to lose those pesky few extra pounds, yet don’t take to heart the extra benefits  of incorporating training with weights in their workouts.

Sure, we know that excessive cardio can burn some serious calories at the gym. In the long run, however, having extra muscle mass can actually burn more calories in any given day than just cardio alone, making it easier to maintain your weight. Also, studies have shown that those who participate in regular weight training tend to live longer, healthier lives with less ailments as they age. But lets not forget to mention, your body will look and feel amazing!

Fat Versus Lean Muscle

A common mistake most make when stepping on the scale after weight lifting is assuming your weight gain is fat. In fact, the increase in numbers on the scale could be a gain in lean muscle tissue. There is a massive difference between a pound of fat and a pound of muscle. Muscle, though being smaller than fat, tends to weigh more than fat.

Once you add weight training to your routine, getting enough protein in your diet is absolutely essential. When using resistance training, you are in fact tearing the muscle down for it to build up again into leaner tissue. Protein is the main source of fuel for your muscles, and aids in their repair after a hard work-out.

If you want to learn more about the great benefits of weightlifting, contact us. We can provide all the information you need to get started.


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