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Trial and error in the fitness world is a very frustrating venture!

One of the most frustrating experiments is trying to discover which macronutrient is best for your fitness goals.

There are so many variations in fitness levels, activity levels, activities, body types, and absorption of nutrients between one person to the next. No singular diet will work for everyone!

We want to remind you that trial and error is a HUGE part of transforming your body from flabby to fit!

Please, don’t be discouraged when you find that a diet that worked for your friend did not work for you! It was not meant for you.

If it is a cookie-cutter diet, then it will work for you up until a certain point!

There are two ways to experiment with your diet to find your perfect ratio of macronutrients for your goals…

First, you can try adding/subtracting macronutrients by a few grams at a time (carbs and fats, predominantly) and keeping protein at a steady level (to have a constant in your diet) . You must take notes, measurements, and track results every 2-3 weeks until you find that you are continually losing fat/building muscle.


Second, you can team up with a Personal Trainer to have a non-biased set of eyes to evaluate your progress. We have all the tools needed to track your progress (or regression) accurately and the knowledge to make the best changes/substitutions to your diet and training regimen!

The choice is yours, but remember that the you can make tiny changes for weeks and months before you finally align all the pieces. But when the pieces are in perfect alignment….


On your own or with your Fitness Coach, don’t ever be afraid to go against the grain and try eating a high fat diet, maybe “fat turns to fat” is not the exact truth… Maybe you need 500 grams of carbs a day to fuel the 3 Group X Classes you take each day in addition to your weight training…

Only you and your Personal Trainer can learn the nutritional truth as it applies to you!

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