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Focusing on body confidence and self-esteem helps because it plays a big role in your mood, your results, and even your health.

Food you eat actually has an effect on all of that, and why it can be important to take some time to be grateful for it!

How you choose to feed yourself is definitely part of your self-care, and your self-care has a direct relationship to your confidence.

BUT … This is NOT about finding the absolute perfect diet or actually anything at all to do with perfection. Because I know for some people, talking about that can actually put a big crimp in our confidence.

Instead, let’s draw a direct line between GRATITUDE and the FOOD YOU EAT … and how it works with your body.

Giving gratitude seems like a new, even “trendy” thing to do – but taking time to be thankful for our meals is a practice that dates back thousands of years! And for good reason … which I will get into in a second.

Every time you eat this week, take at least a few moments to be GRATEFUL for it before you eat – and also while you are eating.

Think about the path your food took to make it to your plate – and then how it will nourish you!
Take a few moments to think about the farmers, the packagers, the animals, and even the seeds that were planted to help bring you this nourishment.

This will perform several important functions.

First, this helps you become mindful and in the moment, so you can truly enjoy the food you are eating, instead of rushing through your meal.

You’ll get even MORE enjoyment as you slow down and actually taste and appreciate each bite.

Practicing gratitude also helps your body relax, which means your central nervous system is able to shift into its rest & digest mode … helping your body better digest your food!

Research has shown that your body boosts the production of digestion-related molecules by more than 50% at the sight and smell of food.
When your body is in this mode, it actually releases enzymes to help improve your digestion.

This can lead to fewer digestive upsets, AND it helps you get the most nutrition out of the foods you eat.

Over time, this mindfulness and gratitude can help guide your food choices as you notice any feelings that come up when you give thanks.

You might find yourself naturally shifting your choices, although that is not the goal of this exercise.

Try it and see if you notice a change in how your body feels after you eat!


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