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Tyler, TX

360 Fitness in Tyler, TX is our flagship club and personal training studio. Features include 24/7 access, warm-inviting spa-like setting, state of the art resistance and cardio equipment, personal training and more.

535 WSW Loop 323, Suite 101
Tyler, TX 75701
Phone: 903-561-7360


Enjoy Access to an array of classes ranging from low to high intensity. All classes are included in your gym membership. You can check class schedules on our 360 Fitness App

360 H.I.I.T

Our signature workout is designed to work your body from head to toe and ignite your metabolism. High Intensity Intervals incorporate safe and effective exercises that will give your body a strong foundation for a lifetime and condition your body to become a fat-burning, energy-creating machine. We recommend 1-2 of these classes per week with at least one recovery day in between. This workout will combine cycling drills with total body floor intervals. Complement these sessions with our other sessions available.


Wind down with this peaceful mind and body experience. Bliss Flow features fluid strength exercises with an emphasis on flexibility and release that will leave you in a serene state of mind and full of joy. Get in touch with your body in new ways and improve your posture, mindset and your outlook by the end of this workout.


This mind/body class will help you find your inner warrior. Using minimal equipment, we will guide you through a fusion of Pilates and Yoga work with a steady flow of movement and poses designed to build heat in the muscles; focusing on areas like the lower body, core back, core front, hips and spine. Refine, reshape and refresh with this class- sure to engage your whole self- mind, body and soul.


With so much mis-information out there about how to target this area, it’s hard to know what really works. Our team of experts will educate, inspire and help you work your way through this session to a stronger and firmer “foundation.”


It’s called your CORE for a reason. Everything you do depends on it and it’s so much more than just “abs.” Target every area of your core in this workout – front, back, side and all around. Stand taller, move better and feel amazing after this session.


It’s been proven over and over that shocking the muscles with a variety of exercises, angles, repetition schemes, and routines will help re-shape and improve musculature and functionality. With overlapping routines, X Fit allows the body to build and improve upon the staple exercises (presses, squats, and rows), while adding in functional movements and stability and quickness exercises. Ready to take your muscles to the extreme? Then X Fit is for you!


Revive, rejuvenate and re-energize your body from head to toe. This routine restores full range of motion with an emphasis on quality of movement. Simple to execute moves coupled with intentional breathing help you develop a greater connection with your body and will help melt away tension.


At 360 Fitness, we believe in always using the safest exercises that have the greatest positive impact on your fitness and health. Why choose something that has the potential to injure you when there’s a better alternative? Cycling is an integral part of our system because it protects your joints from unnecessary impact. In this class, you’ll workout to an inspiring soundtrack that will lift your spirit, transform your body, and clear your mind. Using rhythm as the ultimate guide, your instructor will take you on a musical trip of a lifetime.


Yoga workouts transform your BODY + SOUL movement and conditioning woven into traditional elements with continuous deep core engagement. You’ll leave your experience feeling better, bolder and stronger than before.


24/7 Access

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This allows members to book classes that occur in-person at the club at their own convenience. All of our fitness classes are listed and you can confirm your spot with just the click of a button.

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Our mission is to inspire, empower
and equip everyone to fulfill their
innate, unique potential.

Working hours

Club Hours
24 hours / 365 days per year

Office Hours
Monday-Thursday: 9am-7pm
Friday: 8am-5pm
Saturday: By appointment only
Sunday: Closed

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