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Our bodies are designed to move.

Our bodies are designed to move adventurously in all directions, with or without a load.  We can develop big bulky muscles if we do the right exercises over and over and over, but when we move across a natural range and variance of motions, we develop long, strong, toned bodies that let us move with assurance through our world.  The details of how and why get complicated, but the simple fact is that our bodies are designed to move.

At its most simple, cross training is nothing more than using different types of movements throughout a workout cycle.  Those types of movements can vary to a nearly infinite degree, depending on your levels of fitness, imagination, and motivation.

The effect can be dramatic, as shown in a recent study conducted by the National Institute of Health.  The women studied were Soldiers in the United States Army, and divided into groups who cross trained, ran only, weight trained only, or had no personal fitness program.  The conclusion says it all.

Women who participated in a cross-training program for personal physical fitness training had higher muscular endurance compared to the other fitness groups and higher aerobic endurance when compared to the no personal fitness group. There were no differences for all injuries and lower body injuries between cross-training and other fitness programs. Cross-training may be the best option for improving physical fitness when compared to just one mode of fitness training.

In other words, when we train our bodies for multiple events in the same session, we allow ourselves to work more fluid and stronger in our environment.  That concept is called functional fitness.

If you would like to develop a cross training program that can free the potential within you, contact us and let one of our fitness experts introduce you to our HEAT Training Program!


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