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Do you want to change your life for the better?

One of the best positive changes you can make is to begin an exercise routine. The benefits of routine exercise on the overall health of the human body have long been marked and marketed.

Change isn’t always easy though, and becoming the best version of yourself takes real work and dedication. Don’t worry though, the hardest part is just getting started!

One of the easiest ways to consider your own fitness options is to check out your nearest gym.

Why even exercise, can’t I just watch my diet?

Exercise has proven physical benefits to the body, including physical shape, energy levels, libido, life expectancy, and even sex appeal! It is tremendously beneficial to raise your heart-rate by controlled physical exertion. Building aerobic fitness assists your body in mastering its ability to move oxygen and blood into your muscles, which builds strength and efficiency.

So while dietary intake is important, even crucial, it alone is not a suitable stand-in for exercise.

Not sold on physical fitness alone? Consider the mental benefits

Perhaps you have a desire to engage in glorious battle against the mounting stresses of everyday life, or to actively attain more self-confidence to finally reel in a date with that elusive crush at work. More than that, isn’t it important to feel good about yourself when you look in the mirror?

Formulating a routine at the gym is an amazingly effective do-it-yourself therapy. As most gym-goers will attest to, a visit to the gym is often “just the thing” needed to help manage a stressful day, and to regain mental focus. Why not channel your excess energy or passion into a life-long hobby with endless benefits?

So, whether you’re interested in becoming brutish big, luxuriously limber, or wise in the ways of health and stress management, the gym might be just the place for you!

All right, so exercise is important. But why the gym?

Time and time again, the gym has proven itself as the perfect starting point to begin one’s adventure into the world of fitness. Here is just a small list containing some of what a gym membership can offer you, regardless of your current fitness level:

  1. Free Weights: This classic lifting method offers endless possibilities for weight-training, and requires minimal learning. Perfect for any level of fitness, with a high degree of customization.
  2. Machines: These offer singular or limited-motion resistance movements. Machines focus on a single muscle or group of muscles, and each machine has labels to demonstrate safe execution of the motion as well as the targeted muscles. As a side note, these machines and their corresponding labels are the perfect answer for newcomers that would rather teach themselves the ropes. Observe the labels carefully to ensure proper form and safety.
  3. Cardiovascular Machines: These include machines such as the treadmill, elliptical, rowing machine, step-climbers, bikes and more. These are great for improving cardiovascular endurance, weight loss, and targeted strength gains.
  4. External Training & Motivation: Scheduled classes are available for group sessions! Pilates, yoga, spinning and boot camps are available for those who prefer to work with others in a group setting. For those who are looking for a more 1-on-1 setting, there are personal trainers available to spend their time teaching you how to achieve your goals.
  5. Lifelong Knowledge of Health and Wellness: Everything you learn at the gym will go home with you, and after 20 hours at the gym it is very possible that you may find yourself with a new outlook on life!

The gym has something very real to offer anyone who wants to become a better version of themselves. Contact us today to find out more about how we can help you reach your fitness goals, and take a free tour!


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