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Are you one of those people who avoids the weight room? Surprisingly, many seem to think that the weightlifting room is only for body builders.

But that’s not the case at all! There are many benefits to adding weight training to your workout program. Here are the top eleven benefits to weightlifting, that’ll make you want to hit the weight room the next time you’re at the gym.

1. Stronger Lower Back

Roughly 30 percent of all job-related injuries are a result of lower-back troubles. Why? The main reason is due to loss of soft tissue strength and muscle in the lower back. But this issue is preventable. You can strengthen your back and stop lower-back pain simply by performing a regular weightlifting program that includes exercises for the hips and legs.

2. Gain Muscle Mass

As we grow older, we begin to lose muscle mass. Sadly, for some people, this can start happening in their twenties. But by getting into any kind of strength-training routine, you can assist with slowing the muscle-loss process.

3. Increased Flexibility

Our range of motion will slowly decrease as we age. However, weight training can improve your flexibility by making that trained muscle apply more force over the joint, which makes the muscle more limber and stronger.

4. Adds To Bone Strength

As we age, men don’t lose bone density as fast as women do. Lifting weights isn’t just good for your muscles, it’s also great for gaining bone density in your spine, hips, and arms. Doing weight training will lower your risk of falling and getting fractures. It may even reverse or slow down osteoporosis.

5. Burns Fat

Science has shown that a good strength-training workout will aid you in reaching your fat-loss goal quicker and develop muscles faster than any other kind of exercise. The more muscles you can build, the more calories you’ll burn off, creating a leaner you. Plus, losing fat means a healthier you, too.

6. Better Balance

Most people who have weak muscle fibers or poor balance will most likely suffer from a bad fall later in life. Of course, lifting weights doesn’t mean you won’t fall, but it does mean that you’re ensuring that you’ll have stronger muscles and bones to provide you with better balance now and later on in life.

7. Improves Heart Health

Your heart is a muscle, too. Weightlifting is definitely an advantage for your heart. Lifting weights will get that blood pumping through your body efficiently, and means that you’ll be using less oxygen. Less oxygen use means your heart won’t have to work so hard—and neither will your lungs. A successful weightlifting program should train the heart, so it’s a good idea to incorporate a variant of the squat.

8. Enhanced Everyday Activities

All of our daily activities—standing, walking, sitting, pulling, running, lifting, and sleeping—require some sort of movement on our part. You must be strong for all of these things as you go through your life; otherwise, these things will be harder to perform as you get closer to your senior years. Strength exercises will not only make you strong enough to continue lifting that bag of groceries well into your 80s, but it’ll improve the quality of your life.

9. Boosts Metabolism

We’re apt to be less active and eat less as we age, which causes our whole internal system to perform a bit slower. As our bodies begin to slow down, so does our metabolism. When our metabolism starts slowing down, that causes us to gain weight more easily. But if you eat a healthy diet and do weight-training exercises, you’ll be giving your metabolism a huge push in the right direction.

10. Decreased Blood Pressure

Weightlifting encourages increased blood flow to those muscles you’re using. It won’t take as much work to make your muscles contract as they become stronger, so your heart won’t have to work so hard. As a result, your resting heart rate and blood pressure will both go down. Yet, you should know that your blood pressure could briefly rise while you’re working out. If you have serious heart problems or uncontrolled blood pressure, you should talk with your doctor prior to beginning a weight-training regimen.

11. Elevates Your Mood

Lifting weights is not just an excellent workout for your body, but it exercises your mind, too. Strength training can assist in boosting your self-esteem and brainpower, can increase your focus, and decrease depression, stress, and anxiety.

Developing toned muscles is a nice benefit to weight training. But these eleven advantages clearly show that lifting weights will provide you with better overall health. If you’re looking for a gym in Tyler, TX, please contact us for more information and see how we can change your life.


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