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There is no doubt aerobic exercise is important for overall health. We don’t want to diminish its significance. However, if you want to get into the best shape of your life, weightlifting is more important than cardio.

As we age, it is often not our aerobic health that causes us to become debilitated. It is the loss of muscle mass and bone density that causes issues as we get older. Only weightlifting will build muscle and increase bone density.

Here are four additional benefits weightlifting has over cardio:

Body Shaping: Being fit is more important than thin. Intense cardio workouts, with a restricted diet, will help you to lose weight, but it does not give you the fit, toned look many of us want. Only weights will rid you of flab.

Calorie Burn: On average, an hour-long cardio workout burns more calories than weightlifting during the same hour. However, weight training continues to burn calories long after the workout ends. You will even burn more calories just watching television.

Eat More: Everyone needs a reasonable diet. Nonetheless, cardio does not give you the same opportunity to eat as weightlifting. We all know exercise is not a license to eat uncontrolled, but building muscles will need more calories than cardio.

Smaller Size: Look at two women who are within their ideal weight range and weigh 125 pounds. One focuses only on cardio, and the other only on weightlifting. The weight trainer is always the smaller size. Fat is 3 times larger than muscle. Maintaining an “ideal weight” is not the same as reducing your body fat percentage.

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