At 360 Fitness, our innovative, boutique fitness club is designed to fit our customers’ modern lives and provide complete, results-based fitness. We are devoted to getting our clients results.

Every detail matters.

We want you to feel supported—by team members who really care. We want you to enjoy a welcoming, elevated atmosphere where you can confidently achieve results. Each day, we pay attention to every-last-detail to show you the difference at 360.

You deserve the very best in life.

We believe the same principles that help you achieve a healthy body translate to every area of life—and improve your entire lifestyle.

At 360 Fitness, we don’t need thousands of members.

Our business model isn’t built on the amount of members we have; it’s built on the results we help each member achieve. We have a strong sense of community—and everything we do reinforces that camaraderie and mutual effort.

We want to empower you.

You spend time at home. You spend time at work. We want your time here to recharge and empower you—for everything else you do in life.

Our business is built on helping people.

Meet our owners, Melinda and Michael.

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