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For years, ballet dancers the world over have been using the same muscle strengthening moves to create their sought-after physiques. Barre uses these same implements combined with elements from many disciplines, such as Pilates and yoga, to give you a high return, low impact workout that’s fun and energizing. 

Although there are many variations to the routine, some incorporating small weights and balance balls, all barre workouts focus on the use of specific movements to create isometric contractions. These are contractions within the muscles that strengthen them by continuously engaging them throughout your entire body. These same concentrated movements improve body awareness in a way that many other workout disciplines do not, targeting underused muscles and strengthening the mind-body connection.

A fun and empowering workout set to hot music with even hotter moves, Barre is appropriate for all ages and fitness levels. The small range-of-motion movements, combined with a ballet barre for balance, makes Barre a fun and low-impact workout without sacrificing calorie burn or muscle toning.

Along with increased endurance and weight loss, there are many major benefits of incorporating Barre into your regular workout routine. The upbeat, fun workout has also been proven to reduce cellulite, improve flexibility and increase bone health. Barre can also improve your mood and relieve stress.

A workout to tone and tighten your whole body, spice up your regular workout routine with Barre!

Be ready to feel strong, stretched and revitalized.

Barre classes are now available at 360 Fitness. Check out our class schedule or contact us for more information.


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